5 Apps for Traveling

Over the past couple of years, I have been asked how I find some of the places I travel. When I travel, I love to visit unique and less touristy spots so I can truly enjoy the experience. I use social media to plan majority of my trips, and these are my main ones and how I use them. 


1. Pinterest- This app has been my saving grace since high school (I remember when you had to request access to the site). This is my first stop for planning trips because it makes my life so much easier. There are thousands of people out there that work full-time to share their traveling experiences through blogs and I take full advantage of their knowledge. I create a board and pin as many blog posts about a certain location in order to get a variety of information. I read through their tips and create a running list of interesting things to do. Many times this list is extremely large and use the other social media accounts to narrow down my choices. 


2. Instagram- Majority of my social media interactions occur on Instagram, so I’ve been learning how to use this tool when traveling. I follow a lot of larger Instagram accounts that focus on specific travel destinations so I can get a mix of locations that peak my interest. I follow a lot of accounts that focus on mountain ranges as well as a few beach locations because that’s what interests me. The main thing I gather from these types of accounts is geotags. Geotags help you see more of the location you are interested in and give you different perspectives from those at the site. This helps me see if this site is something worth visiting and the best times to visit based on popularity. 


3. Snapchat- I rarely use Snapchat for its actual purpose nowadays but I keep it for when I’m traveling. What makes this useful is the live map that Snapchat has introduced. Sometimes locations look extremely appealing but at certain times of the day the environment changes. I use the Snapchat map to watch live videos of a certain locations to see the best time to visit and if it is safe to travel in the evening. There was a certain downtown strip in San Francisco that I was interested in a couple of years ago and I compared the videos on Snapchat of this area and it was drastically different during the day than at night. 


4. Apple Maps- So this isn’t social media but it is an app I use a lot when traveling (not just directions). When I look into a certain city, I research specific locations I want to visit and use apple maps to pin those locations. Once you pin all the places you desire to visit, you can view all your pinned locations to see the best route for each day. Before I started doing this I would be driving around all day and circle around the same area and fight through traffic instead of focusing on one area to enjoy. Seriously, this was a game changer for my trips and highly recommend. 


5. Facebook- Facebook seems to be filled with ridiculous articles and ads but I have found use for this social media when traveling. After I have selected a few places, I would like to visit I then search their facebook accounts in order to find promo deals or coupons. Many times companies are fighting to get their name out on facebook and use discounts and promo codes to attract attention to their accounts. This is a great tool if you want to book out any tour guides or activities in the area. 


Hope this article helped those of you who read! If you have any other questions about traveling or places I’ve been just shoot me a message! 

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