Banff National Park, Canada

For our honeymoon we knew we wanted to spent it hiking at a national park. We decided on Banff because we knew we could get full days of new experiences at just one park (also the pretty blue lakes). I think I prepped more for our honeymoon than the wedding and I'm so glad I did. We went to Johnston Canon, Bow Lake, Lake Louise, Fox Lake, and each hike ended with a beautiful glacier. For us to make a last minute trip to Banff was a blessing since it's their busiest season and almost everything was sold out. Here is a just a few photos that were my favorite! 

Fun story: On our last hike of the trip we hit the trail just at sunrise so we could have it all to ourselves. We managed to get to the glacier before lunch and sat down off the trail to eat. We later noticed an older couple coming up the trail and were surprised anyone else was out this early. As they approached us we started talking about what brought us to the trail. They informed us this is was their anniversary trip and their Honeymoon was also at Banff. They come back to Banff every ten years to celebrate. Not only that but they also live in the town next to us in St. Louis. 

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