Why Photography?

I'm coming up on one year with my Canon t6 this December, and I thought I would share some personal information about my passion for photography and why it’s exciting, yet scary to pursue. 

            Before purchasing my camera, I spent many months learning how to use it in manual mode and editing software because I wanted this to be a smart investment. This past year I have learned a lot about myself and my camera which has been such a fun experience, but recently I have been finding myself hesitant to grow. I originally bought my camera to capture moments as I traveled and when I spend rare moments with my family. I quickly realized that I needed more opportunities to practice so I started playing with the idea of taking photos of people. I have really enjoyed my experiences with family sessions, but have the overwhelming fear that I’m not good enough to put a price on my work and that no one would spend their money on my skills.

            I’m constantly reminding myself that I do this because I love learning about photography and enjoy everything about capturing someone else’s love and joy. I constantly see photographers talk about their fears of meeting their own expectations and comparing their work to others. I know there are so many amazing photographers out there, but I have to tell myself that there will always be someone farther in their photography journey than me, and also many are just starting to grow their own skills. It’s not about reaching a certain level, but always making progress at something I love. 

            So, with that all being said…I am starting to take the steps toward identifying myself as a lifestyle photographer! I will start to charge for photo sessions at the start of 2019. Here is the link to a page listing out my prices starting in January, and if you book a session during the month of December you will earn a session to give a friend that’s 50% off! I’m really excited to start this process, and also nervous, so I would love the feedback on the work I do. I look forward to booking sessions in 2019 with friends and family in St. Louis and Texas! 

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